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[호주] 르꼬르동블루 런던 오픈하우스 이벤트
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르꼬르동블루 런던 Open House Event
르꼬르동블루 런던캠퍼스에서 오픈하우스 이벤트를 개최하네요
쉐프와 질의 문답시간도 갖을 수 있다고하니
런던에 거주하시는분들중 평소에 르꼬르동블루에 관심있으신 분들에겐
좋은 경험이 될거같습니다.

London Institute Hosts Open House Event
Le Cordon Bleu London opened our doors to culinary enthusiasts for an Open House event, with more scheduled for the coming months.
Prospective students were given a tour of the award-winning facilities within our advanced London institute before enjoying fine canap?s and beverages inside one of our demonstration theatres. After taking their seat, visitors observed a demonstration of spiced pear dacquoise with chocolate and red wine sauce from our p?tisserie Master Chef Graeme Bartholomew.
Chef Graeme demonstrated a collection of the classic techniques taught to our students to provide an insight into the Le Cordon Bleu teaching philosophy. Following the demonstration, visitors were invited to ask questions and discover more about our curriculum, facilities and career opportunities after progressing from Le Cordon Bleu.
Open House events are held frequently to allow prospective students to gain an understanding of the Le Cordon Bleu teaching experience, with a focus on either our culinary or hospitality management courses.
Join us at our next Open House event and discover how a Le Cordon Bleu education will help launch your culinary and hospitality career.
Click below to view your invitation to our upcoming Open House events.


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